About Me


Hello and welcome to MyViennaStudio! I’m from the midwestern US, but over the years I’ve lived, worked and traveled all around the globe. Six years ago, I came home for a spell, ran into my Mr. Right, and decided to unpack my suitcase and stick around for a while! Today Dave and I live calmly and simply, raising our lovable dog, The Beast, and tiny cat, The Great B’doo. Dave is a vastly talented artist and I dabble in writing, photography, gardening, and calligraphy as time allows. We love the slow life, good food, words, each other’s company, intelligent conversation, our neighborhood, the downtown, and dreaming about where the train will someday take us…

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you enjoy and come back soon to visit…


All posts on this blog were written by and are the property of Angela M. Adams unless specifically noted otherwise. All photographs were taken by and are the property of Angela M. Adams unless noted otherwise.

My avatar was caricatured by Studio Dave Elliott. To see more of Dave Elliott’s excellent work, visit https://www.facebook.com/studiodaveelliott).



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