Topic Tank Tuesday: Peacefulness Embodied…

Peacefulness embodied is an empty, untouched beach. I remember the feeling vividly from childhood. Peace almost palpable, present in the silence like a dear friend and restorative force. Reunited with something I never knew I’d lost. Joy. Completeness, though it shouldn’t be. Anyone will tell you that you can’t be whole all by yourself. Loneliness must be what you feel. So I might have got it wrong. But when the newborn sun warmed the eastern horizon, softening the residual nighttime coldness with jolts of orange rays, I could be convinced. Birds chirping. Silhouettes disappearing. Waves washing…rushing…sinking…singing sighs in a relaxing lullaby. The sounds made my happy heart cry.

Walking along sandy beaches, barefoot, trying to choose the pleasant path of firm moist sand that lies just between the hot loose sand above and the wave-mixed, loose-packed, ankle munching sand below. Each step in the latter, slurped and splashed and nibbled at my toes as they fought for freedom from the sand’s starving swallow. Steps in the former sunk into dry sand, tripped and scorched my feet. The easiest way to stroll was swiftly along on the smooth center strip. Toes and heels left faint imprints—soon washed away by the lapping waves—in the firm stretch in-between.

I love people, but I could walk on a beach every day of my existence and, I fear, never grow tired of the holy communion. The sounds and scents that scrub the mind and set it all in order. Slowed down, simplified, quieted. I slipped away and Your nearness, breath, and clarity of mind came to walk with me there where everything is as it ought to be. Walking alone on an empty wave-washed beach.

© Angela M. Adams

Topic Tank Tuesday 2016, is just gonna keep on doing what it does so well: Serve as a dropbox for random tidbits of writing. So, what should you expect? Memories snippets? Maybe. Creative scribbles? Quite possible. A little idea parading through the mind? It’s allowed. Poetry pieces? Pretty much a certainty. Humorous dialogue overheard at the grocery store? Absolutely. Anything goes on Topic Tank Tuesday!


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