Handmade Monday: Two-Sewn-As-One Book

This week, for your viewing pleasure, I have two versions of the same book! They look very different—one is paperback and the other is hardcover—but both are quite handsome in their own ways. The design comes from Alisa Golden’s Making Handmade Books, and it is called Two-Sewn-As-One. This is an extremely simple, very thin book. It only contains two signatures with a folded divider between them. It would be perfect for typing up and binding a couple short stories to give as a gift to someone. It could also be nice as a little cookbook full of family recipes from a particular holiday.

For the paperback version, a long strip of colorful paste paper, as tall as the signatures and four times as long, is folded outward to become both flaps of the cover as well as inward to form the signature divider.

For the hardcover version, the book block is constructed the same way as above, except that the colorful part of the paste paper is folded inward and glued to the cover (constructed separately) to add color to the end sheets.

These signatures could easily be made to be separate books enclosed in a single cover by binding one set of pages right side up and the other set upside down. Instead of a front and back cover, this design could have a front cover for each story, one upside down at any given time.

Handmade Monday 2016 is all about books! Handmade books, that is! So, if you share my strange addiction to paper folding, cutting, and binding, Handmade Monday posts were written just for you! Please browse, enjoy, share your suggestions, and let me know what creative fun you’re up too as well!:)


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