Handmade Monday: Accordion Book With Pockets

Accordion Book with Pockets…aka Book for Storing School Photos!

The creation of this book arose out of my need to find a way to display my sisters’ little ones’ adorable school photos! (In case anyone is wondering, my siblings do not have blue paste paper rectangle children. I didn’t want to parade their pictures all over the internet, so the paste paper serves as a stand-in! ;))

This book is small, 4″ x 3″, and was very easy to make. (Once again, I found the construction instructions for it in Alisa Golden’s Making Handmade Books. Her book is a gem! Or, should I say…golden? ;)) The main difference between today’s book and a plain accordion book is that I very carefully folded up the edge of the gray paper (it’s easy to wrinkle!) before making the accordion fold and attaching the covers. The fold creates the pockets which hold the photos in place.  I left the back pages blank (as you can see below), but they could easily be used to write down a fun memory about each child, a favorite quote they said this year, a few adjectives describing them, etc.

I like the idea of having pockets rather than using some sort of adhesive to hold the pictures in place because this gives me the option of swapping out the old photos for more recent ones as they arrive. I chose the accordion-fold style since I wanted the book to stand on its own when open on my work table, and I also wanted the option of quickly and safely storing the photos in case I found myself either short on space or making a giant mess! (I craft…it happens… :).) The accordion book with pockets fit that bill precisely!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a happy crafting day! 🙂

Handmade Monday 2016 is all about books! Handmade books, that is! So, if you share my strange addiction to paper folding, cutting, and binding, Handmade Monday posts were written just for you! Please browse, enjoy, share your suggestions, and let me know what creative fun you’re up too as well! 🙂


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