Topic Tank Tuesday: An Infant of 31

Will a single story ever capture me? Seize my sensibilities and lead me along after it? Maybe it will always be a smattering of small ideas appearing and begging to be set down to pages. Life engages those who make an effort to step out and meet it. I force my feet to move through the motions making steps in any direction. A bumbling baby doesn’t need a particular destination as she manages her first few faltering steps; she just needs to walk. Anywhere. A short distance. It doesn’t matter. She isn’t judged for speed or flogged for failure. She’s just forming a foundation, a useful tool for getting her someplace someday.

I am a baby. An infant of 31. My steps are weak and awkward, but as I watch others move smoothly, beautifully, all around me, I want to make things go. I want to run. Baby-child I am, tripping over words, setting out on journeys to ford rivers and repair seams. Remnants of distances torn to shreds will find streams of unity as the years and words grow and pass by as I make up my mind to try.

© Angela M. Adams


Topic Tank Tuesday 2016, is just gonna keep on doing what it does so well: Serve as a dropbox for random tidbits of writing. So, what should you expect? Memories snippets? Maybe. Creative scribbles? Quite possible. A little idea parading through the mind? It’s allowed. Poetry pieces? Pretty much a certainty. Humorous dialogue overheard at the grocery store? Absolutely. Anything goes on Topic Tank Tuesday!


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