Topic Tank Tuesday: The First Snow

It’s the first snow of winter, the first real one. Flakes fell a few weeks ago, but this morning, when I pull back the curtains, the world is white, soft, silent. Lines of cars sleep soundly under a blanket of nature’s knitting, needing, I’m sure, a very special coaxing before daring to dive into this icy AM. A single set of tire tracks decorates the side road’s center like a string of beads against a bare throat. Any other day that car’s passage would have been invisible, but this morning the unsuspecting driver wrote lines of poetry to anyone who cares to read it.

An old man in a maroon and white sweater steps out onto his porch. He slowly takes in the transformation as he lights a cigarette. Unfazed by the cold, he leans a hand against the back of a porch chair calmly, casually, as if he is visiting a balmy spring picnic.

Branches, iced into elegance by the falling flakes, frame my window. A lone leaf, shriveled and dry, falls to the snow below, unable to hold on any longer under the accumulated weight, accepting her fate in beautiful satisfaction, pleased to experience the mystery of winter and content to let life go. And go on.

Topic Tank Tuesday 2016, is just gonna keep on doing what it does so well: Serve as a dropbox for random tidbits of writing. So, what should you expect? Memories snippets? Maybe. Creative scribbles? Quite possible. A little idea parading through the mind? It’s allowed. Poetry pieces? Pretty much a certainty. Humorous dialogue overheard at the grocery store? Absolutely. Anything goes on Topic Tank Tuesday!


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