Handmade Monday: Guest Book

Handmade Monday is here! I didn’t have a whole lot of time for bookmaking this weekend, but I did try this new type of binding and (can you believe this?) I like it a lot! It’s made from a single sheet of paper, folded and sliced with an exacto knife, then folded again. Easy peasy. I made this book from a sheet of my paste paper, so the pages have a little bit of wrinkle to them, but I think it gives the book some personality. I also modified the spine a bit. I was unclear at first how to make the folds and I ended up bending them forward and wrapping them around the pages when the directions actually called for bending them backward. Oh well! I think it turned out quite nicely!

I also threw together a quick Square Flexagon book, just for kicks, and it’s so much fun! I can’t wait to make a real honest-to-goodness version. I’m saving that for next week, though. I still have to put a little thought into the best way to decorate, store, and photograph this type of book because it’s a little unconventional… More to come!

Today’s binding can be found in Alisa Golden’s wonderful little gem, Making Handmade Books. Check it out for some great new ideas…and some happy bookbinding!

Materials Used:

Guest Book: Hand-painted paste paper made with sulfite drawing paper, brand unknown, size: 12” x 18”; ribbon; PVA.

Handmade Monday 2016 is all about books! Handmade books, that is! So, if you share my strange addiction to paper folding, cutting, and binding, Handmade Monday posts were written just for you! Please browse, enjoy, share your suggestions, and let me know what creative fun you’re up too as well! 🙂


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