Topic Tank Tuesday: The Little Whisper

The Little Whisper

The little whisper tugged my sleeve
Before I heard its cry.
I warned myself, “That wouldn’t work.”
Myself retorted, “Why?”

“It’s simple, surely you can see:
I’m not cut out to make it.”
“It’s true that you don’t fit the mold,
But you’ve got the shape to break it…”

© Angela M. Adams


Topic Tank Tuesday 2015, is just gonna keep on doing what it does so well: Serve as a dropbox for random tidbits of writing. So, what should you expect? Memories snippets? Maybe. Creative scribbles? Quite possible. A little idea parading through the mind? It’s allowed. Poetry pieces? Pretty much a certainty. Humorous dialogue overheard at the grocery store? Absolutely. Anything goes on Topic Tank Tuesday!


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