Thankful Thursday: January 7, 2016

It’s the first Thursday in 2016, and I’m thankful for:

  • A new year blossoming, bubbling, boiling, and begging to begin already!
  • Beautiful basil, savory sage, and gorgeous garlic greens growing in my window, watching winter sputter outside, all the while adding nutrients, needed nudges and nuanced flavors to my stock pot.
  • Rustles of rough cat tongue raking regular furrows through silken patches of pretty kitty pelage.
  • Dave’s determined insistence that I splurge and spend my Christmas bonus—every penny!—in delicious frivolity…
  • Glittering marbles bathed in welcome washes of water whispers, trickling, gurgling, and winding its way over, around, and through a newly acquired fountain.
  • Pressing possibilities drawing breath and life from big dreams, invested time, and hard work.

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