Thankful Thursday: June 11, 2015

Thursday, Thursday… I’m thankful for:

  • Storm symphonies thundering through our streets, decorating draperies and singing sleepy eyes into sweet slumber.
  • The ability to walk, move, stoop, step, stretch, speed and slow at a second’s notice…the wonders of mobility.
  • Mulberries and strawberries cobbled together for my love to gobble, gobble.
  • Rhythm and rhyme rumbling in and out of my life.
  • A wonderful array of ink washes and droll little designs for practice.
  • Catalpa orchid ladies dancing overhead amongst branches and leaves to the tune of the weekend breeze until they tire, faint, and drift daintily to the ground, landing in pretty little piles of grass-glamorizing petals.
  • Rainier cherries, soft, sweet, juicy, and tangy-tart, ripening on a branch of the tiny orchard tree.


Welcome to Thankful Thursday, 2015. What are these posts all about? Well, I keep a Thankful Journal. It was inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. All throughout the week, I jot down little things I’m thankful for, and on Thursday I gather a few, gussy them up and tuck them together into a post. Most times the format ends up as bullet points, scattered single sentences of poetic prose with happy little memories woven all throughout. The Thankful Journal is such a small thing, but it’s an easy way to lift my spirits and let me save and savor those day-to-day smiles. A thankful heart can change the world…


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