What A Wonderful Word Wednesday: Droll

Droll. I thought I was familiar with the word. Mole holes, voting polls, lumps of coal, tolls and shoe soles were droll. As far as I was concerned, droll meant dull. Not so! In my careless cursive, the words are almost undistinguishable (maybe that’s where my mistake made it’s first appearance?) but the definitions couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, the adjective droll means having an odd and amusing quality.

So it’s true to say that:

  • I have in my acquaintance a droll little dog named Jake, a barking, bumbling, ball of energy, odd quirks, and mild mayhem.
  • Mr. B., college biology professor extraordinaire, has a droll Belgian accent and matching amusing style of witty banter.
  • Last month, my sister knitted a boxful of delightfully droll monsters of various colors, sizes, shapes and silly expressions.

Many humorous words are sesquipedalian and tickle the tongue—farcical, chucklesome, ludicrous, and preposterous, to name a few— but droll doesn’t really fit in with those other words. He’s a little odd and amusing in that way…


What IS What a Wonderful Word Wednesday? I’m a fan of words. They’re just so darn interesting and super useful for conveying ideas, telling stories, and painting word pictures. I constantly come across unknown words…or words I’m familiar with but unsure of the precise definition…or underused words, wonderful words, words which (in my opinion!) really ought to be in circulation a lot more than they are! Enter WWWW. The purpose of these posts is to bring you an interesting word every week along with a visual to help solidify the meaning. I hope you stop in every once and again or, better still, join me every Wednesday on this lexical road trip to a richer vocabulary!


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