Handmade Monday: Graduation Cards

Tis the season for graduation parties…and that means it’s time to make handmade cards! With that exact goal in mind, I sat down at Dave’s drawing table early this beautiful Saturday morning. On my left was a tall and stately window, reaching almost from floor to ceiling, overlooking the garden boxes and overgrown backyard grass. Birds flapped and chuckled as they bathed in the delicate glow of the rising sun and set about exploring the birdseed breakfast buffet, generously provided by our thoughtful neighbors.

On my right hand side was a little wooden stool, set with a pool of freshly-ground black ink in its dark stone grinding well, a dainty glass water goblet, a tiny paint brush to apply ink to pen nib, and, of course, my oblique calligraphy pen all assembled and ready for Copperplate lettering.


I sketched my very simple card idea to scale on plain typing paper, then used a light box to center the “Congratulations” lettering and copy it onto the final cards. I used a micron pen to add the girls’ names, and I painted the borders using leftover ink.IMG_1747
Copperplate master I am not, but as I practice, my confidence is growing. Even if this lettering isn’t perfect, it will do for now! I’m happy with the results and I hope both young ladies like the little cards. Many congratulations and best wishes to them and to ALL of the recent graduates out there!


Handmade Monday 2015 will revolve around paper, Paper, PAPER! I have cards and boxes to make, lettering to practice, and most of all handmade books to bind. So, if you share my strange addiction to paper, if pens and ink make your heart wink and flutter, if doodling makes you drool, then Handmade Monday posts were written just for you! Browse, enjoy, share your suggestions, and let me know what creative fun you’re up too as well!




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