What A Wonderful Word Wednesday: Itinerant

Just a short post today! I’m running here and there, trying to get a number of different things wrapped up…


I live a stationary life, but I admit to a bit of an itinerant spirit! I like locations and enjoy the action of moving from place to place; it keeps the head clear.

Roaming, roving, meandering, wandering, vagabond-style, when given a chance, through foreign cities and familiar streets alike, across gardens or in the rooms of our little house, through life and its many ups and downs, all the while spinning silly strands of words in the mind is my idea of a grand old time. I’m not a vagrant, but I guess there’s a little bit of itinerant blood in my body!

Today’s wonderful word, itinerant, is an adjective meaning traveling from place to place.

What IS What a Wonderful Word Wednesday? I’m a fan of words. They’re just so darn interesting and super useful for conveying ideas, telling stories, and painting word pictures. I constantly come across unknown words…or words I’m familiar with but unsure of the precise definition…or underused words, wonderful words, words which (in my opinion!) really ought to be in circulation a lot more than they are! Enter WWWW. The purpose of these posts is to bring you an interesting word every week along with a visual to help solidify the meaning. I hope you stop in every once and again or, better still, join me every Wednesday on this lexical road trip to a richer vocabulary!


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