Thankful Thursday: May 14, 2015

Thursday is upon us once again and I have so many reasons to give thanks:

  • Forget-me-nots filling the cracks and crevices of a cinder block-lined flower bed.
  • Scattered steps, silly sometimes and insignificant they say, slowly leading in the way life is meant to go.
  • The pen and the opportunity to use it, the experiences to write about, the places to remember, the people’s presences and personalities to pack into pages and preserve.
  • Words to think and speak and share and interweave, the two of us, as we go along our little way.
  • Our similarities and differences, the places we can compliment and build each other up, learn from one another and supplement for the other’s weaknesses; better together.
  • Boatloads of bees flocking crab cherry trees, branches radiantly arrayed in puffs of pink and white flower-clouds.
  • Rows of Brussel sprout and tomato plants, along with packets of other seeds, set in the warm earth on an overcast weekend morning and washed soon after with a delightful deluge of spring storms.
  • A superb stretch of slow days away from work, wrapped in garden greens, sun-kissed skin, hand-ground calligraphy ink, winding walks and wonderful words.
  • A plant sale spectacular adding a long awaited lime tree and Chicago fig—full of delicious dreams and possibilities—to our garden collection.


Welcome to Thankful Thursday, 2015. What are these posts all about? Well, I keep a Thankful Journal. It was inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. All throughout the week, I jot down little things I’m thankful for, and on Thursday I gather a few, gussy them up and tuck them together into a post. Most times the format ends up as bullet points, scattered single sentences of poetic prose with happy little memories woven all throughout. The Thankful Journal is such a small thing, but it’s an easy way to lift my spirits and let me save and savors those day-to-day smiles. A thankful heart can change the world…


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