Topic Tank Tuesday: Hope Without Ceasing

Sometimes it’s all just a matter of being present to deliver your line. And as you live, you find there’s no such thing as a small part. Even if your simple statements seem insignificant, they may be what another needs to hear, a reason to veer sharply away from an approaching cliff. The first stitch in a rift in the shards of their heart. We are a part of one another.

We’re never really aware of the impact of our words, actions, and prayers. They may, some days, seem empty, pointless, thrown to the wind, but they spin and turn the tide, some in imperceptible advances and others in mighty rushes. The results are independent of whether or not we ever see the fulfillment. So take heart, dear friend. We all grow tired and weary, but don’t think you will stay there. Don’t listen to the voices crowding into your brain, whispering doubts, saying you are insane for caring, aspiring, hoping, holding on to your someday-dream even when nights are cold and days are bleak. When your thoughts ache and your heart numbs and your body is seeped with weary doubts: Stand firm! Hold tight! Fear not! The days will warm. The fears will fade. Sustenance will sooth your hungry soul. You will soar again. When you feel like you can’t keep going one step more, odds are you’re just outside the exit door.

© Angela M. Adams

TTT-Violet and Bluebell?

Topic Tank Tuesday 2015, is just gonna keep on doing what it does so well: Serve as a dropbox for random tidbits of writing. So, what should you expect? Memories snippets? Maybe. Creative scribbles? Quite possible. A little idea parading through the mind? It’s allowed. Humorous dialogue overheard at the grocery store? Absolutely. Anything goes on Topic Tank Tuesday!


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