Extra: I’ll Be Hibernating Until Spring…

I am coming back, I promise! Unfortunately, I think I’ll be away until the start of May. 😦

I recently took a totally unplanned, unexpected break in order to make it through the month of December and the Christmas holidays. All sorts of things came up this month. There were sudden schedule changes. Gift buying, making and mailing gobbled up extra hours. The stressful, end-of-the-year busy-ness at the job (PLUS the crazy decision to take on additional specimens from a neighboring facility) really took a toll on me. Dave had finals. And to top it all off, another one of Dave’s uncles passed away, so we spent a couple weekends out of town with family. It was a long month.

I planned to keep the blog running through it all, but that clearly didn’t even begin to happen! Posting came to a grinding halt. It did turn out better this way, though; it made things much more manageable! The only problem is, now I have to leave very abruptly until May.

You see, when I began this blogging adventure, my plan was to post from May to December (I was using a different blog in the earlier months), then take a 4 month break, picking up again in May 2015. As the end date approached, I threw some other ideas around. Turns out I love blogging, I really do! So I carefully contemplated keeping up my usual rate (six posts a week), but only posting every other week or month. I also considered paring my posting down to a single post per week. But which one? And I know myself; if I’m blogging, I’ll take as much time as I have available tinkering with a post and not getting other stuff done; it’ll end up being a waste of time. No, the more I thought about it, the more convinced I was of the need for time off. Breaks are important to keep fresh perspective, drive, focus, and high quality work. I need the time to prep posts, come up with new ideas, and give a new batch of short stories a little time to find their voice. Also, there is work to be done on several other big projects in serious need of some TLC. I think the cold weather break is still the right plan.

So, for now, I sadly say goodbye to my readers. Many thanks to everyone who read, browsed photos, and left comments. You warmed a new blogger’s heart: Thank you! I hope to see you all again in May! Have a wonderful winter!



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