Thankful Thursday: December 11

Thursday comes once again−he rushed in a bit too fast this week!−catching me off-guard and off-kilter, but I’m still THANKFUL, so I believe a thank-you post in is order! I’m thankful for:

  • Bits of Christmas fun packed in a box and all set to ship to friends on the far side of the globe!
  • Two glorious gallons of super sour, extra scrumptious, mouth-puckering sauerkraut success!
  • The Beast’s concerned intuitions, Dave’s quick response, and beautiful breaths to keep on breathing!
  • Glittering sun-sparkles and warm rays breaking through the blue-gray sky dome.
  • The peculiar appearance of an enamel turkey roaster (exactly what I was looking for!), ridiculously reduced, on a clearance shelf in the picture frame section of Meijer.
  • A neighborhood mansion, built in 1887, empty for ages, finding a wonderful owner who is excitedly working to save her original woodwork, wall murals, and carriage house.

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