Handmade Monday: Simple Spider Plant Gifts


If your finances are tight, the Christmas season can easily become the most horrible time of the year! Even if you plan well and save, some wonderful people just don’t make the gift-giving cut. Or they do, but you overspend. And what about those unexpected situations where you need to run out and grab an extra gift…or several!?! All those little shopping trips add up! A hostess gift for a last minute party, a reciprocal gift for that unexpected someone who happens to bring you a present…ten dollars here, fifteen there. (Extra for gift bags and cards!) But the worst part about those last minute gifting situations is that the presents purchased always end up being rushed and generic. So, what’s a girl to do about it?


Well, if you’re lucky enough to own a mature spider plant, a plethora of delightful little gifts are already at your fingertips! A week or so ago, I snipped 10 or 12 baby spider plants off of the shoots the mother plant sent out and I set those baby plants in a bowl of water to root. This weekend I bought a little bag of potting soil and a bunch of small terra-cotta pots (only 79 cents a piece!). The process is obvious: Fill the pots, plant the spiders, give them a little water, and wait for gifting opportunities to arise! It really couldn’t be easier. These warm, friendly, unique presents can be enjoyed all year long, and, all in all, these little beauties cost less than a dollar to make! Spider plants are perfect for gifts; they’re elegant, very hardy and they don’t need full sun, so they’re great for home or office.

These gift plants are easy to personalize, as well. Tie a ribbon, twine, interesting string or festive scrap of fabric around the pot. Add a handmade gift tag, if you like.  Or, go for the rustic look and just leave the container as is! Also, if you have interesting old mugs or glass bowls lying around your house, give those a try (just add some shards of broken clay pot to the bottom of your container to soak up excess water since those containers don’t have drainage holes). They’re all set for gifting!



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