What a Wonderful Word Wednesday: Ubiquitous

It’s Wednesday! And today’s wonderful word is ubiquitous. Well, sort of. It IS and it ISN’T. Ubiquitous is an adjective meaning seeming to be seen everywhere. But, given it’s definition, this word is far less common than I feel it ought to be! 🙂


Putting That Wonderful Word to Work!

“What!?! They’re opening another Starbucks? You’ve gotta be kidding me. People do love their coffee, there’s no doubt about that, but could any business be more ubiquitous? There are already three of them within a four block radius of the new location! And that’s not counting any of the other little coffee shops. Starbucks and smart phones. I can’t get away from them, I swear.”

“Lol. U’d be easier 2 take seriously if u weren’t texting me. BTW, enjoy your coffee… ;)”

“Shut up… (And I WILL enjoy it, thank you very much)!”



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