Handmade Monday: Fondue Pot, Marbles & Pens


Several years past, while my big sister was in the middle of moving, she showed up with a little cardboard box.

“Ang, do you like fondue?” she asked.

“Um, yeah, I guess so.”

“Do you ever make it? I’ve got this little fondue pot here. I thought I’d use it—it’s really a nice idea—but I never did. It’s still in the box and everything. I thought it might be something you’d like. If you think you’d use it, you’re welcome to it.” She shrugged.

The fondue pot IS a nice idea. It’s something different; an interesting food for a special occasion. My best friend when I was young loved fondue. Back then, I’d never heard of the mysterious food, but Beth raved about it as we sat high in trees, ate goibas, swung our legs and discussed our dream futures.

“My dream kitchen would have plenty of fondue! I’d make it at least once a week,” Beth declared. “I had it once when Uncle Tim was visiting, and oh, it was so good! I’m going to have fondue for my birthday. Did I tell you that? My mom said I could pick the menu and I decided on fondue. Pieces of meat dipped in warm, melty cheese sauce…I’m getting hungry just talking about it! I’m allowed to invite ONE friend over. We have to keep it small because fondue is pretty expensive,” she explained.

I nodded understandingly.

“And I’m gonna see if I can invite YOU,” she proudly confided.

She asked, permission was granted, and I was a guest at the birthday fondue feast. That’s the only time I ever partook in the delicacy. Naturally, I was so nervous about spilling something or not knowing what to say that I barely remember the meal, but I bet it was pretty good! I’d more than likely recommend giving it a go if you ever get the chance. I have a vague feeling that it was a tasty experience. Eh, who am I kidding? I truly don’t remember it at all. But old memories (or lack thereof) aside,  and on to the question at hand: Would I ever make the meal myself?

The answer, it turns out, is “no.” I did think about it a number of times. The little box Sara gave me came with the fondue dish, recipes for sweet and savory sauces, a candle to keep the contents warm, and four cute color-coded fondue forks.  But adorable as it is, it never got used. Since I’m a sucker for interesting containers, I didn’t want to get rid of it, so calligraphy pen holder is what it became! I liked the look of it, but wasn’t totally happy with the size; I didn’t have enough pens and paintbrushes to fill the dish properly. But last weekend I stumbled across a perfect solution to the little problem: Marbles!


This is the easiest idea in the world, but so effective. It took about 30 seconds to transfer marbles into the dish and rearrange the writing utensils. Brilliant! The marbles keep everything in place, so I always know exactly where each type of pen holder is located, no digging required! And as an added plus, the marbles bring splashes of friendly, interesting color to my workspace!

I gotta say, this marble idea is much easier than making fondue…and much less stressful than eating it! 😉


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