Thankful Thursday: November 20

I don’t like to admit it, but this week it’s hard to be thankful! There’s plenty to be thankful about, but this bitter burst of arctic temperature before Thanksgiving even arrives is poking at me, pushing every annoyance button in the book, trying to hand me an unwanted gift: The grumps. But I will not be deterred! This week I’m thankful for:

  • Unexpected out-of-town family added to to our upcoming Thanksgiving gathering!
  • A warm shelter for stray momma cat and her adorable offspring under an abandoned neighborhood cottage.
  • The warmth-maker in the basement kicking into gear even as I sit here and type.
  • Our kind landlord stopping by and clearing out a clogged pipe backing up the kitchen sink!
  • Deep brown broth bubbling and boiling and finding its way into my waiting belly.
  • A stopped train blocking the tracks, an unplanned detour, a drive through my husband’s old stomping grounds, and a walk down memory lane with him and his ever-abundant stories…

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