Photo Friday: The Great B’Doo

My photography goal this week was to photograph our little cat. Ha! Easier said than done. Clearly, she’s much too cool to cooperate, but I persisted and was rewarded with some decent shots! I’m in love with her long whiskers, white mustache, and kitty beauty mark… Quite a little cutie, this one is!


Watching in concerned attention as autumn leaves do acrobatic flips across the backyard. “What’s that? Leaves!?! Nooooo! What happened to the birds?”


“Dear loyal food-pourer, I will grant your request and pose regally for exactly 30 seconds. Everything else is up to you. Good luck.”


“Sometimes her strange habits do annoy, but I just repeat to myself over and over again: ‘She gives me liver every day. She gives me liver every day.’ Astonishingly effective.”



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