Thankful Thursday: November 13

It’s pretty near polar outside, but I’m still thankful! In fact, I’m thankful for:

  • Cold stopping in for a visit…resetting garden growth, reviving love of hats and scarves, and granting extra hours for rest.
  • Steaming soup to sip and cozy covers to snuggle around my shoulders as I sit window-side and enjoy of the year’ s first snow-sprinkling of white.
  • So many selfless people who serve, sending themselves to unsafe, unsettled situations, so that we can gather family safely about us.
  • Dearest’s dreams—far-fetched, far away…far from impossible—beginning to come into existence.
  • Beautiful book stitches, dog nose nudges, one lone bird lingering in the last evening light, scrumptious sauerkraut, and Thanksgiving thoughts.
  • Early morning Unexpected Flying Object—International Space Station, identified—streaming overhead through the clear, black star-speckled sky.
  • Gifts of deliciousness: Golden apples and monstrous cabbage heads.

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