What A Wonderful Word Wednesday: Prosaic

Think life is positively prosaic? If so, you’re probably not looking closely enough!  Prosaic is an adjective meaning dull or ordinary.

Putting That Wonderful Word to Work!

Few people are prosaic; the key is putting them in the right settings. Some are delightful for short amounts of time, but intolerably dull over the long run. Others are boring as can be in small doses, but over the years they grow fascinating. Some folks destroy quiet conclaves, but bubble brightly in busy social settings. Others flop flat like spilled champagne when in front of a crowd, but blossom when left alone in a garden. Some write beautifully, but converse painfully. Others gossip and tell stories—the life of a party!—but the death of a chemistry study group. Some explode brilliantly in chaotic drama while others implode unobtrusively in fascinating, orderly calm. Few people are prosaic; but the setting in which one must meet them is of the utmost importance!


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