Topic Tank Tuesday: For The Love of Food!

I’ve been taking such pleasure in food preparation as of late! It is so satisfying to whip up a simple, healthy, delicious meal that my body enjoys instead of tolerates, made with properly grown or raised local ingredients from small family farms. Tantalizing smells saturate the kitchen and with a sniff I savor and identify each element—freshly-picked fragrant basil, red potato, free-range chicken, all snuggly tucked away in a six-inch cast iron skillet and baked and basted to tender, juicy, delicate perfection. Why should chefs have all the fun selecting seasonal vegetables, washing, chopping, seasoning, combining, arranging, baking, and, of course, eating? These enjoyments belong in ever home in America.

For me, cooking from boxes and packets is a chore because the motions are cold, bleak, regulated—there is little room for variation and variety. The dead, processed food is either bland or overpowering, and it lacks the delicate variety of texture and blend of tastes found in freshly grown food. Julia Childs recently helped reestablish my passion and drive for discovering good food and for pursuing things I love to do. There is no shame in shooting for the stars and there is certainly no age limit as to when you must begin or need end! In so many ways, she is an inspiration.

Anyway, Dave made mac and cheese from a box yesterday, took two bites, and to my astonishment, popped open the trashcan and dumped the whole pot. After being surrounded by real food, he said he couldn’t stomach it anymore. “A step below processed nacho cheese! And that was the good stuff, too,” he declared as the trash lid dropped down. How times change. There was a day, not too long ago, when he could have lived on mac and cheese…


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