What A Wonderful Word Wednesday: Glut

What a Wonderful Word Wednesday: Glut

I have a soft spot for goofy childish poems! Guilty! Is it such a crime!?! Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein, Richard Wilbur’s Opposites: I read a lot of them. I memorized a lot of them. Some days I feel my mind is glutted with them. They’ve been in my life for decades and I assume they’ll be around for decades more.

Yes, you guessed it, the wonderful word of this week is glut. Glut is a verb meaning to fill to excess. Glut is also a noun meaning too much of something, an oversupply.


Putting That Wonderful Word to Work

A glut of goofy words in my mind somehow decided to become this nonsensical poem… (Warning: This is eight-year-old style humor all the way!)

My Gut is Glutted

“My gut is glutted
I admit,”
Said little Ted.

“I glutted it with soups galore.
You had a bowl,
But I had four.”

“And that warm, delicious turkey breast?
Sam took a bite;
I ate the rest!”

“That cheese Aunt Linda brought to town?
She took a sliver;
I gobbled up the round!”

“Did Dad have anything to drink?
A glass of milk?
I drank six, I think.”

“The fruits and nuts and casserole?
I ate them all
and now I’m full.”

“Except for just a bite of pie
Cuz it’s my favorite,
Apple? Cherry? Peach? Oh, my!”

“There simply isn’t room to taste,
I used up all the spare.
Ah ha! I got it! I’ll make space.”

“I know just what to do!
Hold that pie for just a moment…
I have to go poo!”


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