Topic Tank Tuesday: The Questions of a Thousand Things…

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it offers more questions than answers…

She sits under a most unusual tree. Planted as a gift from a sister city overseas, the tree, alone in a tiny Japanese garden in a quiet downtown corner, seems out of place. She whispers to the laden branches, “How are you feeling? What will you do? So many seeds to sow, but, I must say, before this day I never saw a tree like you. Do your seeds ever grow? Or do you simply say goodbye every season, watching the possibilities steal away until you are too old to try anymore?”

She senses a companion in the silent branches. Solace settles subtly, sweetly upon her soul. Today, she also let another seed go away, flow away, never to grow. Away. A way is not changed. For another month it stays the same. It claims the same course. Life, in all its beautiful changes and intricacies stays it’s steady pace. The pains erase. The place is right, she knows. The path is true. Does she understand the whys? No. No use to even cry. There is an unseen reason to be revealed by and by. But question-shadows linger all the same. The voices stay and wonder, ponder: Why are trees rooted, planets pathed, and sparrows granted wings? The questions of a thousand things…




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