What A Wonderful Word Wednesday: Pluvial

I do love rain. I love the way the oak leaves curl in the gusty wind as a storm rolls in. I love the patterns of patters on mostly-dry sidewalk, moments after those first few drops descend. I love the delicious earthy aroma the rain coaxes from the garden boxes behind our house. And I love snuggling under the covers with a good book, pausing on occasion to watch water wander down the window glass. Rain refreshes my soul.

But all of my years of ado-rain-tion of the wet stuff never introduced me to THIS wonderful word. Nope. I only met pluvial via Facebook post a couple weeks ago, but I just have this feeling we’re going to be long-lasting friends forever… Okay, okay, ‘nuf o’ that goofy nonsense! 🙂

This week’s wonderful word is pluvial. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, pluvial (the adjective) means 1) of or relating to rain or characterized by abundant rain or 2) resulting from the action of rain. Pluvial (the noun) means a prolonged period of wet climate.


Putting That Wonderful Word to Work!

Pluvial patters
tap again and again
on my windowpane
Let me in, let me in!”
bUt I only giggle
and turn them away
“you only Visit me
on your random whIms,” i say
“and by the wAy,
if memory serve me at all
i seem to recaLl
…you don’t even remember my name!


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