Handmade Monday: Zen Doodle Cards + Writing = Quite Nice!

Zen Doodle Cards + Writing = Quite Nice!

I wasn’t feeling particularly well (or ambitious) this weekend, so I just made a couple zen doodles. I was reminded again why I like these tiny art projects:

1) They’re very simple and easy.

2) There’s no mess.

3) You only need two supplies (micron pen and heavy paper).

4) Zero planning (I never have a clue what the end result will be, and the surprise is half the fun!).

5) They’re good for relaxing and thinking.

6) There are no mistakes, just unexpected twists!

7) They’re interesting to look at!

This time around, I integrated a few random words into each one.


I put “Fly, Fly Away” into this sketch because it reminded me of a bird in flight (you have to use your imagination…the head is in the upper righthand corner!) or some kind of superhero cape. 


In the second card, the lettering doesn’t stand out as much.


The words are almost a surprise, only noticeable when you take a closer look. I like that.


Next time, I think I’ll try combining a little poetry and zen doodle. That could work out quite well!


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