Extra! Extra! A Five Year Celebration

This is a celebration of five years.

Five years…
Of walking and talking and climbing
And laughing and learning.
Of stopping and going.
Of trying and falling and crying and standing again.
Of helping and healing and hoping.
Of dreaming and teeming with life
And the fullness of breathing
Together—today, tomorrow…forever, forever.

Five years…
Of stories of glories, of plans of dreams,
Of crazy unexpected schemes
And simple, useful, lovely lasting things.
Of caring and sharing,
Of using less and living more,
Of pouring out and re-filling.
Of being willing to look up and try to fly,
Even when it’s far away, the sky.

Five years…
Of “just right”s and misses
And breaking Beast’s wishes…
Of tilling and sowing and gradually growing.
Of turning, discerning, deciding
And sometimes just hiding.
Of building a home in the land of I Do,
And I do love you more now—don’t you know?—
Than 1825 days ago…


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