Thankful Thursday: October 2

I am ever and always thankful for life, breath, the little lovely things. I’m thankful for:

  • Chirps and chortles all about, lining fences, fighting over freshly seeded feeders, filling overhead branches, gathering on the ground and lifting lightly in one wild wave of wings.
  • Dave’s resourceful reasonings, thoughtful planning, wise pre-purchase research & insightful perspectives.
  • Cheery crimson nibbling away at overhead green and painting the carpet underfoot.
  • Woodworking artistry: reconstruction of water-rotted floors and construction of stairs leading, at long last, to a lofty sleeping space!
  • Story snippets about long-ago ancestors…a hero’s death while saving others…three sisters married to one man…my great grandfather’s fascination with the orphan train…
  • Blogging, an opportunity to express myself, plus glean glimpses into fascinating life stories, interests, arts and hobbies of others!



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