Topic Tank Tuesday: Get Out of Our Lives

Get Out of Our Lives

Get out of our lives
pointless, petty distractions.
That’s my reaction. Your only existence
is to pacify and poison a fussy society of babies.
Content to shut us up and dumb us down.
We stare at the ground and barely realize
our eyes grow dim
Our plans and morals thin and decay
A long way.
At twelve we look down
To our phones, computers, games—
Break our gaze
And we’re thirty.
It’s dirty, this deception
But they twist us,
Teach us,
How to request it,
Obsess it,
Pour dollars down the throats
Of those who rob, kill, and destroy
Morality and decency
So they can sit on a soiled throne and gaze
Possessively, contentedly out over a dying land.
Let us band together, friends,
And take it back again.


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