Handmade Monday: Defacing a Dear Book

Have you ever destroyed a book? As of this week I am among the guilty.

For practically as long as I’ve been able to read, I’ve loved Anne of Green Gables. The light, beautiful literature the series offers leaves me happy and optimistic about life. These truly are wonderful books for little girls (okay, okay, grown up girls have been known to enjoy them as well ;)). The books are well-written and intelligent, but they are also fun and they glamorize goodness, true beauty, hard work, wisdom, real life and good friendships. Even today, these are my go-to books when I just want to dive in and swim for a while in a clear pool of refreshing words. L.M. Montgomery paints such a hospitable scene of community that I feel welcome in the pages and always honored to be invited inside. Anne, in many ways, is more than just a character; she is a friend, a fellow traveler on life’s journey.

But as highly as I regard these books, I’ve never actually owned them all. So a few weeks ago I decided to start tracking down the entire series. I found and eagerly gathered up several of the books at a tiny local book lair crammed floor to ceiling with used volumes. (It’s far and away the best bookstore in town, btw.) When I got home I realized I’d accidently purchased two copies of Rainbow Valley. Turn one into a doodle book, something inside me suggested. Surprisingly, I gave the crazy thought a second ponder. I’d recently seen a beautiful piece of artwork where a makeshift message was crafted out of a book page. It had a certain allure. But, no. I couldn’t. Not to Anne, not to L.M. Montgomery. But, but…

I couldn’t quite shake the thought. A few days later I returned with renewed resolve. Still, it was HARD, seriously a struggle, to make those first few lines. Everything in me screamed, “Don’t do it! We don’t draw in books! You’re going to take a marker to someone’s masterpiece?” But I did it anyway. And this is the result.

IMG_0861      IMG_0850

IMG_0840       IMG_0839

Soooooo… What am I? Doodle artist? Evil villain of all things creative? Somewhere in between? *sigh* I may never decide, but I have resolved to use a couple pages as covers for future Japanese punch binding notebooks. Stay tuned; I hope to have them ready for next Monday!


2 thoughts on “Handmade Monday: Defacing a Dear Book

  1. Just a copy, not to worry. Libraries routinely weed out far more pristine things when the patrons aren’t watching. I’d say you’re a poet, and you’ve made the thing more valuable with original art:-)


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