Photo Friday: What a Week!

It has been quite a week. You know the kind.

It’s been the kind of week where you have to jump start three friends’ cars in a single day before yours also decides to stop working.

The kind of week where you take your car into the mechanic and the repair bill pretty nearly wiggles its way up to four digits.

The kind where all sorts of “goodness” comes to a head at work.

The kind where your husband’s uncle passes away unexpectedly.

Yeah. I guess it’s been one of those weeks.

Of course, there have been some great things as well.

The arrival of my mom’s new BioLite BaseCamp stove, and a trial-run evening of sitting around the fire with good company. Much fun!

The near completion of a flight of stairs in our project house. Yay!

And a counter full of gorgeous garden flowers! For some reason, seeing all these colorful blooms just makes me smile. I hope you enjoy them as well! Hug your loved ones and have a happy weekend, friends!






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