What a Wonderful(?) Word Wednesday: Ennui

It’s Wednesday? Seriously? Oh. Um, it’s Wednesday, so I guess that means it’s time some boring vocab word, blah, blah, blah.

We usually love Wonderful Word Wednesday here at MyViennaStudio, so what’s with all the ennui today? Never mind me, I’m just winding down for this week’s word: Ennui.  Ennui, pronounced awn-WE (“lawn” without the “l” plus the standard pronunciation of the word “we”), is a noun meaning a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction; boredom.


Putting that Wonderful(?) Word to Work! 

Dear Mr. Janson,

I’m sorry to inform you that the position you interviewed for has been filled. We appreciate your application and…


John signed out of his email account and rested his left elbow on the library computer table. He held his head in his hand and wearily massaged his throbbing temples.  Another failed job interview. Add it to the pile. He ought to continue the search, but his ennui was at an all time high. Why even try? he moaned internally. What’s the use? Will this ship ever turn around or will I watch it crash into the iceberg up ahead? At that moment, the latter option seemed most likely.


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