Topic Tank Tuesday: Karate Chopping a Salmon

ATTENTION: Anyone interested in karate chopping a chunk of frozen salmon.
Odds are, it’s a mistake.

I was making dinner a while back, salmon fillets baked in butter, and one of the pieces of fish was just a tad too large to fit inside the selected baking skillet. Dave gallantly offered to karate chop the offending piece in two and asked me to hold the fillet while he worked his magic. Apprehensive, but (idiotically) always up for an adventure, I agreed. I hesitantly held the frozen fish out in front of me, hands growing colder and colder as Dave stepped in for the punch. Bam! The still full-sized fillet flew from my frozen fingers and landed with a loud thud on the kitchen beside the dog bowls. I lunged at it, grabbing it up before The Beast came to her senses and laid claim. Dave, meanwhile, clutched his right hand in pain. (Don’t be alarmed; a thorough fish cleaning followed!) But the best part? After the entire ordeal, the salmon slid perfectly into the skillet. So I suppose it wasn’t a total loss…


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