Photo Friday: Gathering a Glimpse of Garden Glory


Photo Friday is back, thanks to an emergency camera purchase, and these lovely little shots are courtesy of that wonderful new addition to our family. The zinnias had a slow start this year, but they’re out in full force right now, along with sunflowers, dahlias, and black-eyed Susans. Our backyard is buzzing with an overabundance of bees, and everyone in our household is just thrilled! My little photo session was even interrupted by a bumblebee guest (no photo :(…) who visited for a bit before continuing on her merry way!


Isn’t this crate wonderfully delicious? It’s a gift from my mom, and I absolutely love it. It’s usually on my desk, acting as a miniature bookshelf, but it made the perfect rustic backdrop for this scattered collection of end-of-summer blossoms.


And, of course, no gardening session is complete without a picture with great-grandma’s gardening shears and an interesting Japanese teacup vase! Have a wonderful weekend!


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