What a Wonderful Word Wednesday: Eldritch

Wild about words? Well, you’re in luck! It’s Wednesday once again and we all know what that means: It’s time for another wonderful word! This week the word is eldritch: (adj.) Weird, eerie. Or as I like to say: Eeeeldritch. Weeeeird, eeeeeeerie…


Putting that wonderful word to work!

“Elaine is such a baby. She refuses to walk through the woods after dark.” Janie taunted under her breath as she approached the dark path in question. “‘Even dusk is dangerous,’ she says. Yeah, right. ‘It’s the Eldritch Eyes,’ she always whines. ‘There’s everywhere. Looking at me from the trees and bushes.’ What a drama queen. What a wuss. She has an overactive imagination, everyone agrees. I’m not a bit afraid. I don’t care that it’s dark. Here I go along the lane. What was that? It must have been an…AGH! Stop it! Stop looking at me! What in the-? This is insane! Um…you know what? I think I’ll take the round-about path, you know, just for today…”


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