(No) Photo Friday: Family Vacation and Camera Calamity

This week’s Photo Friday SHOULD be a spread of exquisitely idyllic pictures of a family road trip vacation cross country to the Smokey Mountains. It isn’t. You see, I had a wonderful time. My husband and his family did, too. Sadly, the same claim cannot be made for my poor camera. Literally three hours into the trip, the unfortunate instrument took a serious spill off my lap and landed with a glorious crash on a solid cement surface. People stopped and looked sympathetically. I stared in dumbfound horror at the ground, unable initially to even pick the poor camera up.

“Well? Turn it on. See if it survived,” said one man, pausing for an answer.

I fiddled with the on switch and the screen came to life. That was a good sign. “It turned on,” I replied. He started walking again. I put it away, trying not to make a scene.

Later I had more time to properly examine the camera. Maybe it would be more accurate to say “perform the autopsy.” I prayed for a miracle, but the lens (when we finally managed to get it detached) was visibly broken, the flash wouldn’t open, and the camera body rattled like a baby’s toy when I shook it gently. *sigh* I gotta hand it to the camera, though, it never gave up. If I fiddled long enough with the focus and shutter button, it managed to capture a grainy, poorly-lit shot. It tried and tried until the bitter end, but I’ve gotten better images with a flip phone, so, sadly, we had to part ways.

On a happier note, I splurged and got a new camera! More photos to come when life slows down a smudge and begins to normalize… Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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