Thankful Thursday: August 28

It’s Thankful Thursday! And this week I’m thankful for:

  • Musing more over Smoky Mountain memories–dark sky divided horizontally through into two by jolting bolts of pink arms extending from far ends of the sky and meeting in the middle in a vibrant mesh of lightning fingers–a bright show in the night before us as we warmed the second-story porch swing and watched the storm blow in over massive mounds of tree-covered earth.
  • Hunter green table and bench with lovely mountain porch breeze and refreshing view.
  • Rocky ledges and cliffs overhanging roads.
  • Black bears three, mama and shadowing babies, stopping late afternoon traffic, crossing in front of us as we crept along Cades Cove Loop Road.
  • Canopy of rustling green, glowing as overhead sun peaked his head out of hiding to peer down.
  • Clouds breaking apart and sliding away at exactly the right place and time for four bright streaks across the northeast 4 am sky, for snuggles, gasp, and excited ooohs and aaahs.
  • Chasing a neighbor’s escaped Bella-beagle unsuspectingly over a gentle slope and being battered breathless by the stunning sight tucked all week just steps out of sight: A vast valley scattered with idyllic abodes and melodious laugh-voices rising from a gathered group of picnicking youth, wild flowers glinting in the falling sunlight, and majestic mountains making a backdrop unbeatable.

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