What a Wonderful Word Wednesday: Erstwhile

It’s midweek and time to take a peek at the definition of yet another wonderful word! What’s the fuss about all these wonderful words, you ask? Well, in 2015 I plan to use a wider range of vocabulary than I was erstwhile able, and today’s word is the newest addition to the verbal arsenal! Erstwhile. It is both an adjective and an adverb, meaning in the past.


Putting that Wonderful Word to Work!

“Robert P. Sten? Oh, he was a friend. A dear man, actually. One of the best I’ve ever met. I never would have guessed that our friendship could ever come to a close. Never crossed my mind. We were inseparable, he and I. Complete opposites? Yes. But always together. Better together. In fact, our friends used to call us The Inseparable Odd Couple. Yin and Yang. Bread and Butter. We’d heard it all, believe me. But today…today is the ten year mark. We argued quite angrily, parted ways, and never spoke again. From Inseparable Odd Couple to Erstwhile Friends, just like that. The tenth anniversary of my biggest mistake of all time. I don’t know who’s fault the fight really was, but Robert had a fiery persona and I was the peacemaker. I should have smoothed things over, I could have made it right, but I didn’t. For once I refused. I was sure he would come back, but he never did… The days turned to weeks turned to years–” Something suddenly snapped Martha out of her dazed monologue and her bowed head jerked sharply up from the blazing fireplace logs. “Why do you ask?” she whispered hoarsely.

“Because there’s a certain gentleman by that name standing right now, real as day, in the living room, hoping to see you, ma’am…”


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