Topic Tank Tuesday: I’ve Got A Song Stuck In My Head

I got this little poem stuck in MY head one morning not too long ago, and jotting it down seemed to be the only escape! It isn’t really my normal writing style (it feels a little Shel Silverstein-esque) but it makes me smile… Enjoy!

I’ve Got A Song Stuck In My Head

I’ve got a song stuck in my head.
It showed up today
When I got out of bed.

I’ve tried to hide
And tried to shake it
But try my best,
I just can’t make it
I say,
“Get out of here!”
“Just go away!”

But wait…
“What’s that?
What luck, what fate!
You say
You’ve had it, too?
Please, friend, tell me…
What did you do?

For I can’t take much more of this kind!
I wish instead of stuck in my head,
It had stayed stuck in my mind!”

(I imagine this poem accompanied by a silly line-art sketch of a young boy with a sheet of music sticking out of his head in a funny, non-gruesome way. Hmmm… I do happen to know a very talented cartoonist… I’ll repost the poem if he agrees to sketch something up for your viewing pleasure!)

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on July 29, 2014.)


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