Handmade Monday: Bradley Alexander Name Art

This piece of personalized baby name art, made for a recent baby shower, was a team effort between myself and artist Dave Elliott. (Thank you again, Dave Elliott, for your wonderful sketches!!!) I told him my idea and he provided the line art for the fox. With his permission, I used a light box and I re-inked the lines, incorporating his art into the final piece. I did the inking myself to keep a consistent style between the illustration and the rest of the piece.


As you probably suspect, the baby’s nursery has a fox theme and its colors are blue and white with green and orange accents. I used micron pens for the lines and colored pencils to add a little color, but I think pastels or watercolor could be a good choice, too. I wanted to work baby Bradley’s birth date into the piece, but he lives too far away and the gift needed to be finished before he was born. Maybe I’ll trying adding it to the next one I make!


I wasn’t sure what sort of frame to look for, but when I saw this little beauty sitting on the shelf AND on sale, I knew I had a keeper. I love the uneven boards, distressed wood, and worn white paint! Delightful.


And last but not least, I want to share a photo of the gift wrap. I didn’t have any proper wrapping paper on hand, so I improvised, and I really like the way this simple wrapping job turned out! It’s amazing what brown paper, some lovely ribbon donated to the cause by my wildly creative mother, and a plain tag can do in a pinch!



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