Topic Tank Tuesday: Don’t Seize the Day

remain of market at ephesus - Version 2

Silly? Sad? Simple? Stunning? Secret? — What tales and stories does your past hold? Mosey once more along yesteryear trails, jot down a memory here and there, or reminisce aloud and pass along a special moment from your youth, to your youthful listeners. It may mean more than you think…

Don’t Seize the Day

“Don’t seize the day,
Every once and while.
Seize the yesterdays,”
The old man smiled.

“Remember the taste of memories made.
Retrace the steps of disappeared days.
Rekindle the friendships forged and let fade.
Cherish the yesteryears, my son, cherish the yesterdays.”

“Savor the stories,
Let them dance and play.
Live again the pains and glories,
Before they’re washed away.”

“Slow down, step back.
From your forever-rush, move away.
Make a pact,
My busy child, to seize the yesterdays.”


(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on July 22, 2014.)


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