Short Story Saturday: The Beast Makes a Request

I was at the computer early this morning, looking through old Brasil newsletters and compiling a timeline to keep events in some sort of order in my brain when The Beast appeared at my side. She nudged my hand and I rebuked her firmly, but gently. “No, Beast! Wait just a second.” A few keystrokes and a “save” later, I turned my full attention to the attentive animal waiting quietly beside me.

“Do you need out?”

She gazed eagerly at me, eyes bright, but remained motionless.

I tried again with more deliberate expression in my voice in case she hadn’t picked up the key word. “Do you need…OUT?”

No change in her response, but she obviously had no intention of leaving me alone either, so I stood slowly with a stretch and ambled into the kitchen. The Beast followed, but remained in the doorway by the fridge and made no moves to go towards the backyard when I opened the door. The Great B’Doo, on the other hand, lazily strolled towards me, so I quickly closed the door before she decided to set out on a cat-sized backyard adventure.

The Beast stood motionless and stared intently at the fridge. “That’s strange, I’ve never seen you beg at the fridge before…” I mumbled mostly to myself. “Sorry, Beast,” I turned to her and began in a stern voice but my words morphed into laughs when I saw her response. She ducked her head and quickly flicked an old bone scrap laying beside her on the floor with her nose. Then she pawed at it twice before lifting her ears excitedly and peering once again at the the closed refrigerator door. I’d totally forgotten that I saved beef bones from broth making the previous night, but the treat, saved especially for her, was apparently still fresh on her mind.

“Oh! A bone?” She pranced excitedly, her usual way of letting us know that we’ve succeeded in reading her mind. “You want a BONE?” She continued to dance and barked one enthusiastic canine, “Yes!”

“You are WAY too smart for your own good, you know that, right?” I asked as I set the bone in her open mouth.

If Dave had been awake he certainly would have exclaimed, “That’s one helluva Beast!”

Yep. She’s a keeper. Now, if we could just break her of those pesky chaperoning tendencies… PDA? Not on her watch! But that’s a whole different story… (12/22/13)

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on July 5, 2014.)


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