Topic Tank Tuesday: The Body is Like a Tree

“The body is like a tree,” I heard Florence Williams the author of Breasts speaking on NPR say yesterday, “soaking up things in the surrounding environment. It isn’t solid, like a strong marble sculpture, but it is porous and interacts with everything it comes in contact with.” She went on to explain that this includes anything we put on our skin in anyway, anything we breathe, anything we put into our digestive tracts—unless we live in a bubble, the possible sources of things influencing our health are endless. Some are positive, some are negative. The key is to identify the bad things and try to figure out ways to get rid of them. Some are out of our control, but many are within it. We cannot remove all the bad, but we can lighten the load on our bodies considerably. That is within our control. (5/17/12)


By the way, this looks like a fascinating book. It’s on my to-read list… Has anyone read it yet? What were your thoughts?

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on July 1, 2014.)


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