Topic Tank Tuesday: Point B to Point A (poem)

Some days this brain needs a logical escape from all things logical,
an interpretive dance of pen and ink
in order to clear her head and think.
The following cascading blend of sounds and sentences
doesn’t make a bit of sense, or connect…
but then again, somehow it does.
How true, that a rabbit trail is, at times, the perfect way
to make one’s rambling return journey from point B back to A.

Point B to Point A

Let’s go away.
A weigh station is just what is needed.
Kneaded dough from the metal bowl arose.
A rose is an intricate flower.
Flour, sugar and baking soda are in this recipe for disaster.
This aster is exceptionally delicate.
“Deli, Kit, don’t forget again.”
A gain came from the verbal blister.
“Bliss, ta’ her, is knowin’ everyone’s business!”
Busy nest builders flit around the window.
“Win dough on this game show!”
Should that bread be done?
“Dunn? Katie Dunn, are you here?”
Hear me out.
Outside is the best place to be.
Bees buzz in the garden.
Guardin’ the post tonight is Phil.
Fill up the gas tank before you go.
Goats are irritating creatures, and so messy.
“Mess C.,” drawled he, “is substahtute teachin’ this here mornin’.”
Mourning is a difficult, lonely time.
Timex is an enduring brand of watch.
“What change do you have, Anna?”
Havana beach is a place of leisure.
Lee’s sure I can borrow his car, right?


(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on June 17, 2014.)


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