Handmade Monday: Calligraphy Corner: Aspirations, Premeditation, and Perspiration.

Here it is, Monday once again! It’s time for something handmade! I was so excited to complete this little project this weekend. I did my first paste-up ever. The process involves cutting all the words out, arranging them exactly as I like and gluing them into place. It was exciting to see the words fall into their proper places.


Then I used that as a guide to make the final work on heavier paper. Things seemed to be going well. I was happy with the look, I took a few photos and posted them on Facebook, but then there was The Comment… “LOVE YOUR NEWEST PIC. That being said and loudly meant, acquire has a ‘c’ before the ‘q’ I’m pretty sure.”



Yes, yes it does.


So, I applied a bit more perspiration to the situation, and THIS is my final result! I THINK all the words are spelled correctly this time :).


Have an enjoyable day!

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on June 2, 2014.)


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