Extra! Extra!

Handmade Monday this post is NOT, although I did have some calligraphy adventures over the weekend. Maybe I’ll write more later. For now, I leave you with the following piece from one of my 2013 journals.

I just glanced through some photos of Oscar de la Renta and Georgeio Armani’s spring runway models, and all that popped into my head was a pitying, “oh, I’m so sorry.” Bony bodies, dull grim smirks, fake backdrops, cheap looking clothes—too tight, too short, too plastic-y… Oh, how my world is changing! I legitimately used to dream about the glitz and glamor of being a model; now, the near-starvation images are disturbing.

This new view of life is so much more. More comfortable, joyful, rich, deep, nourishing, substantial, and pleasant. I’m not knocking fashion; I like it, myself, though I am certainly not a fashion plate! I love beauty and many designs and colors are appealing, but fortunately I find my opinion of beauty matures as I age. I think beautiful life is more important than poses and props and impossible bodies. I didn’t always feel this way, but I can’t imagine going back. I couldn’t be content. I wouldn’t be so easily fooled! I’ve seen too much to un-see. I close InStyle magazine and page instead through National Geographic. What stark contrast. The intrigue is in the layers, the infinite unknowns. “Gaze across the ages,” whisper the pages, “over the years and wrinkles, like lines on an atlas map, and discover the matching eyes of grandmother, mother, and child. Hold, with your sight, the corner of her tattered shawl, worn though with decades of hard living and memories; seep in the ceremonies; tour the simple home he built with his strong worn hands.” I adore the underlying life as much as the stunning images.

How joyful it is to have freedom to age gracefully. Welcome, thirty. I’m looking forward to meeting you. Enemy you are not. Line my face and pad my curves. Bring peace, perspective, and wisdom to worry less and smile more. (5/1/2013)

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on June 16, 2014)


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