Springtime Resolutions and 2014 Writing Goals

I’m Back! Springtime Resolutions and 2014 Writing Goals


I never make New Year’s Resolutions. Never. In January, the world is cold, the days are short and dark, I am locked more than I like within walls, and my body is always drawn into a time of inactivity and rest. No. In my mind, January is an unacceptable time for promises and goals. For many years, spring has been my time to reorient. The weather is warming and the earth is awakening. Seeds are making their magical transformation from death to life, frail green wonders breathing in air of possibilities yet to be discovered. Birds are nesting, soaring, singing, and hatching right alongside my newest plans and ideas. And to top it all, my birthday is in May, so on that day I personally greet a new year and make plans—plans for the current year and plans for years yet un-met.

This year, between May and December, Interim Arts will feature a lot of writing. In those posted words I will try to: celebrate variety…write simply, write just because, write just because I simply love it…never rush, stress, or beat myself down….be real and genuine…keep working, even just a little bit here and there (it all adds up!)…use time wisely (both in the writing and the pauses)…remember that comparison is the thief of joy! (thanks, Mr. Roosevelt)…grow in confidence…be respectful and considerate of others, but not bound by their opinions…edit, edit, edit!…wrap stories up, give ’em the old spit polish, and send them to post!

As for SPECIFIC goals, I aim to post at least two times a week, Saturday and Tuesday. Short Story Saturday posts will be just as they sound: Short stories. I’ll post the first one tomorrow. Topic Tank Tuesdays will consists of a random bit of writing or poetry chosen on a whim. And just to give myself a fighting chance of actually sticking to this goal, I’ve prepped three months worth of posts in advance. That much, at least, I can guarantee! After that, it’s anyone’s guess… 🙂

I will also be interspersing other posts as I find the time and inspiration. Keep an eye out for Handmade Monday, What a Wonderful Word Wednesday, Thankful Thursday and Photo Friday. I hope you enjoy what you see and read on my silly little blog. Feel free to comment and critique; I always appreciate your input! Have a lovely day!

(Originally posted on my old blog, Interim Arts, on May 9, 2014)


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